Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Psalm 119 on the horizon

This coming Sunday we will begin a study of Psalm 119 called Threads (God-willing, unless He chooses to bless us with another 2 feet of snow).

We are trying to connect our church body with this Psalm through some different means.
  • We have a Facebook group that you are encouraged to join where we will be having some online discussions about what God is teaching us. I also will be posting a portion of Psalm 119 each day on the blog, and I welcome comments here.

  • In addition we will have journals this coming Sunday (and available online) to record and collect our thoughts about what God desires for us to learn through this study.
God is already using His Word to challenge me in some unique ways, and I feel like the profit for OBC to hear from God in this psalm will be great.

Tomorrow, I will post a few thoughts about how to begin thinking about the longest chapter in the Bible.

I look forward to connecting more in the upcoming days!