Tuesday, August 30, 2011


So, Irene has come and gone. Not without a lot of hype, and a truckload of rain. Rain which made its way through a window and into my basement late Saturday night. Rain which caused some damage to some of the ‘stuff’ that is in the house. But, a few days later (and a few hours of sleep recouped), I have found myself grateful for several reasons.
  • My kids weren’t present. Shawna had taken them to Pennsylvania to spend time with her parents. I have not tried to picture what it would’ve been like if they had been there.
  • Because we had flooding recently with a previous hard rain, our basement had been “rearranged.” If it had not been...ugh!
  • I "happened" to be in the basement (due to a tornado warning) which allowed me to hear the water coming (trickling then pouring then gushing) in the basement window. If I hadn’t been down there, much more damage would’ve been done.
  • My neighbor is willing AND able to help at any time for any reason. He made the trek down to my house amid a tornado warning. I feel sorry for the rest of the world that doesn’t have the neighbor I have. I feel blessed beyond words.
  • Our electricity never went out. Messing with flooded basements in the dark would’ve been a big-time bummer.
  • Our sump pump which had not needed to run for the previous 3 years we have lived in the house actually worked!
No furniture was damaged. Not much was lost (nothing that really matters). Thank you God.

Ironically, Irene is a family name of Shawna's family (and now ours). The name has more significance now than ever.