Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Priorities for '09

One of our priorities as a church for this year has been membership. We obviously want to grow in our membership, but we also want to more clearly define what it means to be a part of this family. We want membership to mean more than just having a special card that says you get preferred prices at a local grocery store. Surely, God is interested in more than that.

So, a few weeks ago we embarked on our first membership class. We had 72 people attend 1 or more sessions, with an average of 50+ people at each session. Several of those people were members, but the great majority of those who attended are not members (yet, I hope!). Several people have asked to pursue membership further.

It has been encouraging to see how God has shaped this burden of our church and now has blessed our efforts in this area. Keep praying that our church will continue to look more and more like Jesus!