Sunday, January 17, 2010

Futility, humility, and faith

As I have watched some of the news featuring the devastation in Haiti, I have been tempted to despair. I hurt for those who are there. I hurt for children who have lost their parents. I grieve to know that so many were already poor there, and I cannot imagine what this must mean for them.

The nation of Haiti has lived in harsh conditions for so long, it almost seems futile to think anything can be done for them. I say "almost" because my heart needs to be corrected. As I was praying yesterday, I realized that the magnitude of problems should lead me to humility. However, with God there is an answer to futility. It is not with our efforts to try harder or do better, but it lies in faith in an Almighty God who can do more than we could ask or think.

And so, I am led to pray. I pray for those friends who are there. I pray for those who need the basic necessities of life. I pray for the children who have been orphaned. I pray for safety for millions. I pray for relief workers and government officials. I pray for missionaries who will share the love of Christ. I pray for God's glory to be seen even in tragedy.

So, I pray. Not in futility, but rather in humility and in faith that God is working good out of this earthquake.