Saturday, January 16, 2010

Prayers for Haiti

I believe that most of our hearts are broken by the tragedy in Haiti. Our church is seeking to organize some efforts to assist.

First, we are committing to pray for men and women and children whose lives have been devastated. The needs are overwhelming. We take our big requests to a God who is ready to do the impossible.

We also through our benevolence have already contributed to the Baptist Global Response. This is the Southern Baptist arm for emergency response. As such, every dollar that they receive will go directly to aid Haitians rather than pay for overhead.

In addition, we look forward to taking up a collection on January 24th for those in need. The collection will primarily go to the Baptist Global Response, but a portion will also be sent to Cody and Maria Whittaker via Global Outreach International. Cody and Maria were with Ogletown for a couple of years before moving late 2009 to Haiti as missionaries. You can hear their heart through reading their blog posts.

Both of these organizations are gospel-focused, and we are encouraged by the fact that 100% of what we contribute will go to relief.

I thank God in advance for the generosity that I know is in the heart of the people of Ogletown.