Monday, February 28, 2011

Acts 17 in HD

Acts 17:32-34
Now when they heard of the resurrection of the dead, some mocked. But others said, “We will hear you again about this.” So Paul went out from their midst. But some men joined him and believed, among whom also were Dionysius the Areopagite and a woman named Damaris and others with them.
It might serve well to talk and walk through the preceding verses (of Paul’s ministry in Athens) another time, but these verses stood out in my mind as we were sharing the good news of Jesus in Africa. As we shared, there were those who had little time for what was being said. They were hardly interested. However, others requested another hearing. What they heard arrested their attention enough to want to hear more. I believe that is the Spirit at work. Still others had believed the good news.

I love the way this passage describes this happening in Athens. I love that the names Dionysius and Damaris are mentioned. Truly, when you see new life born (or I could say born again – John 3), the name of the individual means a great deal to you. It meant enough to Luke to record these names.

So, we have the responsibility to share. We have the responsibility to make a presentation of the gospel that gives glory to God. We have the responsibility to be as clear as possible (Colossians 4). Having said all of that, as the Spirit works, some will believe, some will mock, some will want to hear more. Evangelism is the work and privilege of every believer and every church.