Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Back to blogging

I took a month or so off of blogging. Somewhat intentionally, although I was on a vacation for a good part of it. I don't have 50 things that I am prepared to blog about, but I have some thoughts running through my head this morning.

I am...
  • HUMBLED by the fact that God sent His Son to change my life, show his forever-love to me, and rescue me from sin and myself.

  • DEPENDENT on Him. This morning was a morning in which I took a deep breath and thought, "Work in me, on me, and through me today God for your glory."

  • ENCOURAGED by emails, facebook messages, etc of people who are hearing God's Word, and obeying it. It is a simple thing really.

  • BLESSED to serve God, my family, my OBC family. I count it a privilege to pull into the Ogletown parking lot, look through the Ogletown directory, and realize that this is where God has called me.

  • CONFIDENT that God's work in me will take a LOT of time. As David Powlison says, "Sanctification is a direction" and "Repentance is a lifestyle."

  • CONVICTED that often I don't enjoy God like I should.

  • LOVING what God is teaching me through His Word, especially Psalm 119 and 1 Corinthians 5-7.
So, that's where I am this morning.