Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Is Cain my worship leader?

I was reading in Genesis 4 (with some insight from a book called True Worship) this morning. As I began to search my heart in the area of worship, I wondered if at times my worship resembles Cain's rather than Abel's.

Both of the brothers brought 'offerings.' Both seemed to come at the same time. Both seemed to come to the same place for the presentation of the offering: God's presence. And yet, God's response was radically different to each of the men.

It makes me think. Could it be that I am in the same room with people, singing the same songs, hearing the same Scripture, being led in the same prayers, and could I be distant from God?

Am I too often like Cain? Living my life consumed with my desires, and then frustrated when God calls me on it. Is my heart in a place where (1) I know what God desires for me to offer Him, (2) I trust God to have my best interests at heart, and (3) I submit to God's authority for how I worship Him.

If worship takes place 24/7 in our body which is the temple (1 Corinthians 6), it means that I need regular heart check-ups.