Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Children's Bibles

Someone recently asked me if I had any recommendations on children's Bibles. Of course, when it comes to books, I am seldom without a recommendation!

Anyway, I had 3 different Bibles for 3 different reasons. All of these have been useful in our family times reading through Scripture.
The Big Picture Bible - I love the way it encompasses the overarching theme of Scripture into each individual story.
The Jesus Storybook Bible - This Bible takes each individual story and shows how traces of Jesus can be found in them. I have emailed back and forth with the author and she has been very encouraging.
The Picture Bible - Some trusted friends gave us this Bible at Christmas. It is in comic book format, so I was somewhat skeptical...until I looked inside. I should've trusted my trusted friends. The Bible is SO thorough. Many Bibles (for understandable reasons) choose not to tell every story or even many stories, so they can concentrate on the major ones. This Bible went into detail in some of the OT historical sections and the book of Acts. I was majorly impressed.

Which Bible is my favorite? All three, I am a bookworm, and I guess a "Bibleworm."