Thursday, June 3, 2010

As June begins

I am grateful for what God is teaching me. In no certain order...
  • I am re-reading Colossians and being challenged each time I read it. What a vision for believers and Jesus' church is laid out there.
  • I continue to delve into Exodus and see the heart of God in more ways than I can express. I have been challenged by our Wednesday night study of the 10 Commandments.
  • I am seeing more and more how I should pray rather than fix or worry.
  • I recognize often that I am not nearly as patient with my wife and my kids as God is with me. Lord, forgive me.
  • I have enjoyed some old hymns and some catechisms. They have been very instructive. There is so much over the course of church history that is so instructive.
  • I am looking forward to having hundreds of people on-site the week of VBS later this month.
  • I have begun preparing for a Bible study I am leading starting late this month on The Gospel-Centered Life.
  • I am more and more reminded of my inadequacies, and yet more and more convinced of Christ's sufficiency.
Teach me your ways, God, and help me to have a listening heart.