Thursday, September 1, 2011

8 reasons why I think you would benefit from our upcoming parenting class

Last night I announced a class we are beginning a parenting class this fall on Wednesday evenings (beginning 9/14). I think it will be an awesome opportunity for the parents of Ogletown, and I thought I would share some of my thoughts as to why.
  1. Good parenting doesn’t just happen. We need a vision for what God wants, and strategies that move us toward those goals. I believe that this class will set before you some big picture goals, and some short-term objectives.
  2. Whenever I have taken a closer look at parenting, I realize that my kids’ biggest challenge is their imperfect dad. That has always put my heart in a posture of prayer, asking God for His help in MY life, not just theirs. I expect this to happen in this study as well.
  3. This study concentrates on God’s work in a child’s heart, not merely temporarily correcting some bad behavior.
  4. Parents need to be connected to other parents. Often, we feel isolated and wonder if anyone else can relate to what we are experiencing. With so many parents at Ogletown, we are missing a HUGE opportunity if we stay isolated from each other.
  5. While you are participating in the class, your kids will have some top-notch teaching and fun!
  6. The couples leading the study are imperfect parents of imperfect kids. The study assumes this will be the case. The motto of the course could be “no perfect parents allowed!” Seriously, it does no good to pretend that we are perfect parents, or that by following a few parenting techniques we could have perfect kids.
  7. As part of this study, there will be some specific Q and A nights to encourage, enlighten, and help us in our callings as parents.
  8. If you have not been at Ogletown very long, this would be a great place to make some friends and learn more about our church. The class is open to members and those who have not (yet!) joined.
There is no cost for the class, but we would appreciate if you would register so that we know the amount of material to prepare.