Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Moving from "No-Names" to "Knowing Names"

This past Sunday (9/11), I spoke to our church about our need to get to know each other.

It is not simply that we don't know everyone's name who is a part of the Ogletown family.  That would most likely be impossible for most of us.  I am more concerned that we are often not working hard to get to know those who God has brought to our church.  We see people here.  We pass by them, but to often they are "no-names" to us.  I believe as a church we have grown too comfortable going to church with hundreds of family members who we do not know.  We need to work hard on "knowing names."

So, where do we go from here?  I made a couple of suggestions on Sunday.
  1. Be here more often.  I am not sure how you can get to know more people, if you don't put yourself in a place to meet them.  I think that is the intent of Hebrews 10:24-25.

  2. Go out of your way.  You may have to suffer a little discomfort and awkwardness.  You may have to introduce yourself to someone.  You may have to write yourself a note to remember someone's name.  God will use the risk you take in this arena.  FYI, this article is a great catalyst to re-think how you prepare to meet with God's people.
  3. Don't just sit in rows, sit in circles.  In other words, attend a Sunday School class, attend a small group Bible study.  Learn some names of new friends.  Make yourself conspicuous rather than anonymous.
The potential results from a shift from No-Names to Knowing Names are mind-blowing.  And, as I have come to realize, I don't believe Scripture has given us an "opt-out" clause for caring about one another.