Tuesday, May 6, 2008

I never thought of that before

I was preparing for Sunday's message reading through 2 Timothy 1, and something dawned on me. As many times as I have read that book of the Bible, I had never really thought of how God uses the 'weak' things in this world to blow the mind of the 'wise.' What do I mean? I realized that this book, one of the 66 books that the church has recognized down through the ages was not written by a preacher in his office, or a king on his throne, or a scholar at his desk. It was written by a prisoner in jail awaiting execution. We get to overhear his words to his most trusted protege, all the while knowing his time on earth is limited.

God says he uses 'jars of clay' to contain the most precious things. Surely the writing of 2 Timothy has to be an example of that. It seems like a miracle that we would have the privilege of reading the last words of the greatest missionary other than Christ. How awesome is God in the ways he blessed people by giving them His Word for their lives.