Saturday, May 17, 2008

Means of grace

I mentioned last week in my message, that the means of God's grace to people is often other people. Sometimes, that is a family member, but many times it is a 'family member' in the sense of a brother or sister in Christ.

This week, I have received God's grace through people.
  • They have gently corrected me, which I needed.
  • They have encouraged me through telling me specific evidences of God's grace in my life.
  • They have helped me understand Scripture better.
  • They have pressed me on to lead OBC to be more like Christ.
  • They have shared meals with me.
  • They have prayed with me and for me.
For these and so many reasons, I want people to be in close relationships with the people of God. I want that for our church, but I also want it for the people of the Newark area. God designed us for community with each other, and I can't help but believe that the people who are not walking with Christ in the context of a community of faith are missing something very special that God has for them.