Thursday, May 8, 2008

Image bearers

For a few weeks on Sunday morning, I talked about how we are made in the image of God. I also mentioned that Christians are being restored into that image through the work of the Spirit of Christ in us. A church member sent me this quote from a devotional by Sam Storms who quotes Johnathan Edwards. Got all that? Here is the quote!

Meditate deeply on Jonathan Edwards' comments concerning God's design in our redemption:

"It was a great design of God to advance all the elect to an exceeding pitch of glory, such as eye has not seen. He intended to bring them to perfect excellency and beauty in his image and in holiness which is the proper beauty of spiritual beings, and to advance ‘em to a glorious degree of honor and also to an ineffable pitch of pleasure and joy." In all this, says Edwards, "God designed to accomplish the glory of the blessed Trinity in an exceeding degree" (A History of the Work of Redemption, Yale:125).

An ineffable pitch of pleasure and joy in God! This is his design for you, forever, for his glory. Amen.