Thursday, October 16, 2008

Accountability encouraged

I am not sure that we could emphasize accountability enough at OBC. I think it is essential for all Christians to have other believers who can spiritually challenge and encourage us to be more like Christ. I think it is also essential for some of these relationships to drill down beyond formalities, to really help us evaluate our hearts before the Lord.

I have said before that we are our own WORST accountability partners. We will deceive ourselves into thinking we are okay, when we really are not. So, one of God's means of grace to us is in the form of other believers who watch over our soul, and help us do the same.

Emily, our college minister, pointed the rest of our staff to some pages of accountability questions. They are great, and could be used by groups of 2-3 in our church to encourage each other in the gospel. My hope is not in the questions, but I think they could be an aid for the Spirit's work in making us more like Jesus.