Saturday, October 25, 2008

Your kingdom come, your will be done

Over the last few weeks, many organizations and individuals have asked for the church to engage in the political process of this election. As I have prayed about what our role as a church (not just individual Christians) should be, I have felt led to pray in these directions. So, rather than distribute a “voter guide” or other political material, I feel compelled to share with you a resource that will guide my prayers over the next several days. I will begin sharing each day until the election, a way that I am praying. The first requests will be for our lives to honor Christ, and the next set of prayers will focus on the gospel being spread.

If you desire to have a voter guide, I am quite sure there is no shortage of them on the internet. Here is one that deals with issues related to Delaware. Additionally, I have in a previous post called attention to a forum that the candidates for president participated in that was very helpful to me personally.

May God use this election (and every event of life, for that matter) for us as the people of God to show our love for Christ and our obedient loyalty to His Word.