Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Do you know where you are going? part one

I saw the cover of a Christian magazine for pastors yesterday. On the cover, it had a picture of a cool-looking guy and the caption read, "So-and-so knows where he is going, do you?"

Wow! Do I know where I am going? Truth be told. In some ways, I could say, "I hope so!" In other ways, I would have to answer, "Sorry, not a clue!"

As I think about the year ahead of Ogletown, I would have to say that I am excited and overwhelmed at "where we are going." I don't have an intricate plan, a manual, or a special angelic revelation as to where OBC should be going. However, I do have an old God-breathed book, the Spirit of God, and the people of God. These give me more confidence than any man-made manual or plan.

So, where do I see God taking us in '09? A couple of hopes/dreams/realities...
  • A body that continues to grow in diversity. We are moving in that direction. Each week, I see it and it makes me so grateful. Every week, people from many races, ethnic backgrounds, socio-economic conditions, denominations join together to worship together as the people of God. We haven't arrived, we have a long way to go, but we are going and growing toward a picture of Revelation where every tribe and tongue is joining in a choir celebrating the Redeemer who gave us redemption. A taste of that every Sunday and throughout the week is encouraging.

  • A body that grows in concern for each other. I see signs of it. I see people sacrificially loving their brothers and sisters. Not just talking about it, but doing it. I believe that God will use this to make a powerful statement to our community. They will know we are believers in Jesus because of our love for each other!

  • A church where membership matters. Not just because you are part of an exclusive club. But, because a formal commitment to a group of believers is the pattern of Acts and should mean something to us today. I sense a growing willingness on the part of people to say, "OBC is my family. For as long as God has me (and my family) here, we are going to be identified with this assembly of believers."
These are just a few things on the horizon at OBC. I will share more later.