Thursday, January 15, 2009

Do you know where you are going? part three

We don't know the future, but that doesn't prevent us from asking God to work His will out in our midst. And so a few more things I have been asking (and thanking) God for...
  • A growing sense of the need for desperate dependence on God in prayer. Many in our congregation grasp this need with urgency, but many of us are too lethargic in this area. I am praying that we will hunger and thirst after righteousness by pursuing God in prayer.

  • An impact on the 'least of these,' especially within our county, and especially within the city of Wilmington. I read the paper and see the violence that often exists in Wilmington. I recognize that through economic conditions, poor choices, and a host of other factors, we might have the opportunity to show the love of Christ to many who are in need in '09. I have serious doubts that programs and plans (government or otherwise) can have the impact that a group of Christians who love Jesus and people can have. I am praying that those of us at OBC will have that kind of heart.

  • A church where we realize God loves the WORLD not just our little domain. We have given to support gospel work among the nations. We have taken trips to share the message of Jesus, but I am praying that now more than ever our entire church will be gripped with the great amount of 'lost-ness' that exists in our world. There is only one Source of hope, and that is Jesus. I believe we can take great steps to ignite our concern for those apart from Christ.
So, God is working at Ogletown. We have not yet arrived, but God help us to stay headed in the right direction.