Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Do you know where you are going? part two

So, picking up from yesterday. Where are we going? Where is God working? Here are some more hopes/dreams/realities...
  • Believers that are increasingly saturated with, shaped by, and sharing the gospel. In our congregation, we are growing in our awareness that "we are far greater sinners than we ever imagined. But God's grace is far more amazing than we dared to hope." (thanks to Tim Keller for the thought)

  • A body that is made up of all ages. Dozens of college students. Many senior adults. The preschool building full, and many new grandparents. Young people starting off their careers. Older people retiring. The older teaching and encouraging the younger. The younger challenging and giving life to the older. That is characteristic of the body of Christ and OBC continues to grow in this area.

  • People who impact their neighbors. Neighbors in the sense of our own Ogletown community. More people than ever are realizing that OBC does care about the people who live in the 19713 zip code. But it extends further. The neighbors of those who call OBC home have to see the hope of Jesus in our lives. Our 'neighbors' at the University of Delaware (20,000 of them), should be impacted by the transforming work of Christ. We have to continue to ask God to use us to show Christ's love to this area.
As you can tell, Ogletown is headed in a direction that seeks to be far more than just a place to attend or an event to be at. We are a people who want to reflect and share Jesus Christ!

I will share more at another time.