Thursday, May 28, 2009

The God of...

I am stuck in Romans 15 again, but my attention has just been drawn to several aspects of God's grace found in this chapter.

He is said to be the
  • God of endurance (5)
  • God of encouragement (5)
  • God of hope (13)
  • God of peace (33)
According to one of best resources I know on the subject, we can legitimately substitute "who produces" in the place of "of" in the phrases above.

So, then we have a
  • God who produces endurance
  • God who produces encouragement
  • God who produces hope
  • God who produces peace
Sounds like exactly what I need. A God who works in me and on me as I follow Him. A God who changes me from the inside out. A God who sees my woeful lack of being able to produce internally anything of lasting result.

I think I know how God desires me to pray today!