Thursday, June 25, 2009

More questions than answers

Sometimes, in thinking about what God is calling our church to do, I am struck by the 'bigness' and the 'littleness' of our role in God's good agenda. It is big because there is nothing greater than being obedient to the Creator of the ends of the earth. It is little because our time on earth is limited, our resources are limited, our faith is often weak, our lives are often affected by sin (ours and others).

So, in wrestling through that, I find myself asking questions about what God is calling our church to do. Here are some of the 'how' questions...
  • How do we accomplish what God wants?
  • How do we equip people for this?
  • How do we staff God's vision?
  • How do we fund ministry for this?
  • How do we effectively pray?
  • How do we send people?
  • How do we communicate what is needed?
  • How do we celebrate what God has done (and is doing and will do)?
  • How do we partner with others?
Just thoughts on a day when I desire more than ever that God use His church universal, Ogletown, my family, and me personally to further the glory of Jesus Christ among our neighbors and the nations.