Thursday, June 25, 2009

Too much and too little

My heart has been challenged and convicted by...

The 'little' that we make too 'much' of:
I could tread lightly here for fear of being misunderstood, but it is amazing what captures our attention. We 'tweet' and 'update our status' with things that surely could not handle the weightiness of standing before a holy God someday. We "mourn the loss" of a comedian that we have never met whose only contribution to our lives has been some late night entertainment. We diligently follow a celebrity couple that we have never met and our eyes are glued to the messy details of their impending divorce. We celebrate that someone can "look so great, even at the age of 40." What does any of this matter in our lives and in our pursuit of the Almighty God and His Son? Are we any more obedient, loving, or serving as a result? Is the fruit of the Spirit flowing in abundance because of this? This speaks to the shame we should have before God. If "you get what you celebrate," what do we have in our lives and in our churches? What are we celebrating and consequently getting?

The 'much' that we make too 'little' of:
Do we realize what it means in the sight of God that His people serve Him faithfully? Is it significant that people would put comfort, security, ease, and applause on the line for a Man (who is the God-man) and a message (which is the hope of all mankind)? Is that important to us? Does that hit our radar? Are we impressed to be obedient and faithful? Is it newsworthy? Do we think it is a big deal that a husband loves his wife? Is it important that a mother trains her child to love Jesus more than cartoons? Is it significant that someone decides to not 'gain the whole world,' and gives his life for Christ's sake and the gospel?

I realize that God has not called us to live a monastic lifestyle, and I also realize that we do live in the world (even though we are not supposed to be 'of' the world), but God help us to evaluate our priorities in the areas of much/little. Especially if "this world is not our home, and we just are passing through..."