Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The same God

The same God
The same One who says, "Follow me"
Is the One who enables obedience to that very command
The One who says "Don't save your life"
Is the One who gives grace in the moment
The moment in which we waver
The moment in which we hold on to our lives
The moment our value system is more earthly than eternal

The same One who says "Deny yourself"
Is the One who denied Himself
The One who then works in His people
The One who impresses on their hearts
a Life that counts
a Life that is more than 'the abundance of things we possess'
a Life that leaves no regrets
Supplying grace to live a life that costs us something

The same One who says "Take up your cross"
Is the One who took up His willingly
The One who then calls to his followers
Live your life crucified with me
Give your life to me in faith
Faith that sees beyond public humiliation
Faith that looks forward to Christ's ultimate vindication
Faith that hopes in victorious resurrection

God commands. God enables.
God exemplifies. God enables.
God calls. God enables.
The same God