Monday, April 28, 2008

Tough questions

I read some tough evaluating questions concerning preaching from a post by a pastor in the Chicago area.
1. Does this message exalt the gospel of Jesus Christ?
2. Will people know what to do after hearing the message?
3. Am I saying anything that will distract from the point I am trying to make?
4. Do I, at any point, make much of myself in this sermon?
5. Would I like this to be the last sermon I ever preach?

In addition, someone sent me these questions from Dallas Willard.
1. Does the gospel I preach and teach have a natural tendency to cause people who hear it to become full-time students of Jesus?
2. Would those who believe it become his apprentices as a natural "next step"?
3. What can we reasonably expect would result from people actually believing the substance of my message?

Challenging stuff!