Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Building real relationships - ordinary life

Surely, we often make entry-level evangelism harder than it really is.

I have learned from some friends as well as authors and speakers how to make room in my life of unbelievers. It is not always easy, especially when the super-majority of your friends are in the church!

One way is to go to some of the same locations for weekly tasks (i.e. the cleaners, coffee shops, restaurants, gas stations, etc.). That often puts you in contact with the same people. So, I frequent a specific Dunkin Donuts and have enjoyed a growing friendship with the two people behind the counter. I was convicted one day that too often I view people as if they are only there to serve me, so now when I go into DD particularly, I try to think of ways to serve them. I have been blessed in the process.

Another way to meet people is to walk and play. Seriously, one of the secretaries at our church talked about how many people she and her husband had met as a direct result of walking their dog. And what about playing? My good friend Ben encouraged me to play with our kinds in the front yard instead of the back yard. It is amazing how many of our neighbors we have come to know, love, and appreciate because of that little step.

Simple, ordinary, but I am praying that God would use my life for His extraordinary purposes.