Saturday, October 13, 2007

It's Saturday, and I can't wait until tomorrow...

I could share this every week, but there is something that makes me SO look forward to Sunday. Every week, the reasons may change, but the excitement is there. So for the 14th...
  1. We are going to dedicate a child (and his parents and our church) to the Lord asking God to receive glory in the life of this child.
  2. We are going to celebrate the Lord's Supper as a church family. This will be my first at OBC.
  3. Once again, we get to open God's Word and see how the gospel can go to work in our lives and at our church.
So, I hope to see you tomorrow!

Oh yeah, by the way, this makes Saturday a pretty good day as well. But, I am not sure what this result will be, so I won't include it in the "reasons I am looking forward to Sunday."