Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Something for you to remember

I am not in the habit of using the blog for personal requests, but I will take a moment of personal privilege to do so. Many of you reading this would have never met my sister, Jaydeane. She is 5 years older than I am, and is mentally handicapped. She has never spoken a word, and yet she may be the sweetest person you could ever meet. She lives with my mom and dad in Augusta, Georgia.

I could talk all day about her, but the point of this post is to ask for prayer. Recently, she had to have knee surgery. Her kneecap has come out more times than I can remember. In addition, she has in essence gone blind over the years because of the cataracts in both eyes. She had surgery today to remove the cataracts in one eye, and will have surgery next Wednesday to have surgery on the other eye.

Today's surgery went well. Thank God! But, the whole episode has had a major impact on my family. If I could ask for your prayers (I know God hears them), I would ask specifically that you pray:
  • For strength for my parents (you can only imagine how this has impacted them)
  • For some sense of peace for my sister (who has no idea what has just happened to her eyes). She has to wear a patch over her eye, which has thrown off her routine.
  • For my sister's eye to heal without infectin
  • For the medical team who will do the surgery next week
As I said, I am not in the habit of using the blog to be a prayer request hotline, but I know that God cares for those who have special needs. It seems like those who were disabled in Scriptures gained the attention and special treatment by God (I think of Mephibosheth, and the crippled, the blind, and others who came into contact with Jesus). He loves them, and I cannot help but wonder if they sense God loves them even more than we do at times.

Thanks in advance for your prayers!