Sunday, February 24, 2008

Fact or Fiction

To clarify from this morning's message...
  • FACT - We are going to have Wii Night next Sunday night

  • FICTION - I am ready to admit that my sister is a superior Connect Four player

  • FACT - People disagree about things (even at church)

  • FICTION - The pastor gets to sing whatever songs he wants to sing (you had to be in the 11:00am service to appreciate this)

  • FACT - My Wii skills are pretty lame, but they will be on full display at Wii night

  • FICTION - It is acceptable to angrily storm off after losing a game of Connect Four to your older sibling

  • FACT - Today was a great day at Ogletown!
Hopefully, that will preempt any potential misunderstanding. :-)