Friday, February 1, 2008

February Reading List

In a previous post, I listed my intentional reading in five categories for January 2008. I also am keeping track of books I have started on the side of this blog. I did pretty well, I think. I at least read all but one of the books on the list and I skimmed that one.

So, we are on to February. Here is what I am thinking.
  • Older authors - Mystery of Providence by John Flavel. This is a Puritan who I have heard a couple of things about, but never read any of his writings.

  • Theology - God of Promise by Michael Horton. This book serves as an introduction to Covenant Theology by a very respected theologian.

  • Ministry/Preaching - City on a Hill by Philip Graham Ryken. Ryken pastors 10th Presbyterian in nearby Philadelphia. I have a head start on this book, and already LOVE what I am reading.

  • Culture or Secular Society - Reconciliation Blues by Edward Gilbreath. This book details the evangelical culture's response to the African-American community. I have read many recommendation for this book.

  • Miscellaneous - Velvet Elvis by Rob Bell. Rob, a pastor in Grand Rapids, Michigan, certainly has a strong influence in the current Christian community. I have tried to read this book before without success. I thought I would try again.
So, we will see how it goes!