Wednesday, February 20, 2008

What if you are studying a book of the Bible

I definitely have no shortage of book recommendations in my repertoire. Truth be told, I don't think all books are created equal. That definitely is the case for commentaries on certain books of the Bible. Often, I get asked for a recommendation for commentary on a particular book of the Bible.

So, I thought I would walk through my process of recommending a commentary for a particular book...

If someone wanted a 1 volume commentary on the Bible, I would point them to the New Bible Commentary. That is something every Christian could benefit by having.

If someone were looking for a commentary on a certain book of the Bible, I would have several recommendations...
  1. Many of the best commentaries on certain books of the Bible are part of a series. You can buy an individual book without purchasing the entire series.
  2. Some of these series' are more detailed and harder to understand than others. The more detailed often means more expensive.
  3. I think the most easily understood and helpful commentary sets would be MacArthur's New Testament Commentaries, the Bible Speaks Today series, the Tyndale Commentaries.
  4. If you wanted a little bit deeper level commentary, you might check out the New American Commentaries or the NIV Application Commentary set (with both of these sets, some volumes in the set are better than others, in my humble opinion).
  5. Some of the best commentary sets that deal a lot with Greek and Hebrew are the Pillar New Testament Commentaries, and the Baker Exegetical Commentary of the New Testament.
Just some thoughts. What a privilege to be living at a time and in a place where so many good resources are available.