Monday, February 4, 2008

I was thinking today (scary thought, huh)

I was thinking today about our church. Since August, I have felt a weight of responsibility that I have never felt in my life. It never seems to go away, even though I know there are many others around supporting what God is doing here. I guess that goes with the privilege and responsibility of being a pastor.

However, whenever I feel the weight of that responsibility, I am so often reminded of several things.
  1. Our family is experiencing joy here in ways we have never felt before. It is not tied to circumstances, but comes from a peace that we are where God wants us.
  2. I am enjoying the opportunity to open God's Word and share freely to the family at OBC.
  3. I have come to love and appreciate the people who God has placed in leadership at OBC. They are godly and have wisdom that is so beneficial to me.
  4. I have grown to appreciate the servant spirit of so many here.
  5. My family is constantly encouraged, loved, and prayed for.
  6. I believe that our church is poised to show Newark and the surrounding areas that Christ loves them.
  7. Our ministry to UD is growing and reaching many students who are finding OBC to be a great church home.
  8. God is raising up people at Ogletown who share a love for Christ, a love for the church, and a love for those who don't know Christ.
I know that church-life is not always perfect or easy, but it is a gift from God, and we are thankful for it. No one knows, except for God, what is in store for Ogletown. But, each day I think more and more that it could be something very special. I am glad I have a front-row seat!