Monday, August 25, 2008

Follow-up resources from Sunday

I mentioned in Sunday's message a couple of things that I wanted to give some more attention to.
  1. I mentioned the Forum that Rick Warren hosted with the presidential candidates. Trevin Wax has compiled the video, transcript, and question-by-question comparison of the answers. Good stuff! It is worth your time to read it, if you intend on voting for either of these men in November.

  2. I also mentioned a Time article about Beer Pong. Someone after the message clarified that the intention of the game is to get others drunk, not yourself (I didn't ask how he knew. Maybe he read the article like I did!). For some reason, I am pretty sure that playing a game to get someone else drunk doesn't mean (1) you wouldn't get drunk in the process, or (2) this is a good way of loving your neighbor. Just a thought.
One thing I mentioned a couple of weeks ago was a quote by David Powlison. He has written a little booklet that is called "Pleasure" that could be extremely helpful in thinking through other aspects of pleasure that we did not get to.