Thursday, August 21, 2008

You may know this already, but...

Sometimes, people ask me if they can get an audio recording of a message at Ogletown. I imagine that they are having sleepless nights, and just need a little help dozing off.

Seriously, you may already know this, but all of our audio (regardless of the speaker) is posted on our website. In addition, you can podcast the messages (i.e. get them downloaded onto your computer) every week, if you have iTunes. They are usually up by Tuesday. I recognize that not everybody can come every week, so this little piece of technology is a beautiful thing.

FYI, some other podcasts that I regularly listen to are:
Matt Chandler at The Village Church
Ask Pastor John by John Piper
Sovereign Grace Leadership Series
Mark Driscoll at Mars Hill Bible Church

Any other podcast recommendations? Post a comment!