Saturday, August 16, 2008

Please, please, please

"Please, please, please." Those were some of the words I found myself using this morning in prayers to God concerning an aspect of the ministry at Ogletown. I don't always find my prayers have a sufficient level of desperation. Yet, today as I was thinking about something that I believe God has set in my heart, I realized that (1) only He could bring it to pass, and (2) although I can work in the direction of facilitating it, God has to work to accomplish it.

Praying desperate prayers is both humbling and exciting. It is humbling because you have to come to the end of yourself, and rely on Him. It is exciting, because God REALLY likes faith. I don't mean that in a trite way. Faith/dependence/reliance/trust in God is something that He has told us (countless times) really pleases Him.

So, OBC, let's pray desperate prayers to an all-powerful God who can do anything He wills to do!