Thursday, April 30, 2009

Members Meeting last night

In case you missed the Members Meeting last night...

It was great to hear that our church gave over $10,000 to do work through the North American Mission Board. Awesome job! I am glad our church is prepared to give to the cause of missions!

In addition, we heard that we are in a favorable position to offer help to those who are in need in our church family (and extended) through our benevolence fund.

Our "Love Your Neighbor Initiative" which will involve bringing pillows and pillow cases (lots of them) on Sunday for the Sunday Breakfast Mission, is looking like an awesome opportunity for us to bless our community.

We also mentioned that as a result of our discipleship, membership classes, and most of all the Spirit's work, we are looking forward to Sunday, May 17, where several will be baptized and several will be presented who desire to join the OBC family. I cannot wait!

I mentioned that I am "recommitting" to some of my pastoral priorities...
  • Ministry of the Word - I spend a good amount of time studying God's Word. I am appreciative of the privilege of doing that. I am trying to maximize my stewardship of God's Word, by preparing for Sunday morning (my opportunity to impact the most people in one setting). But, I am also committed to using my study of God's Word through many other means like Bible studies, counseling appointments, personal discipleship blog posts, etc. We don't do the body of Christ any good if we only 'intake' the Bible and don't pass it along.

  • Prayer - I am committed to praying better for the congregation. I have to grow in my discipline. This week, I have prayed for many people in the OBC family by name. I am praying that God will grow me in that area, as I submit and obey.

  • People - In a congregation our size, it can be difficult to know where to start in that, but I am committed to shepherding people. I love the family that God has called me to at OBC, and I am praying that God will open some doors for me to tangibly show it!

  • Oversight - I recognize that part of my call and New Testament responsibility is to oversee the congregation. My prayer is that as I do the first 3 priorities well, God will open doors for me to do this one well, as well.
I am grateful for those who were there, and also for all those who care about how God is working at OBC.