Thursday, April 30, 2009

Small group or Sunday School class primer

One of the things that I think would be a BIG help for the people of OBC is to be involved in some smaller group of believers organized and prepared to share God's Word and to share life together. I came across some helpful suggestions if you are in such a group.
  • Praying earnestly for God’s blessing on others, the leader and myself.

  • Depending upon the Holy Spirit to illuminate the Scriptures.

  • Looking to God to speak to me personally.

  • Approaching the Bible in true humility, not to criticize but to be criticized by God’s Word.

  • Avoiding preaching sermonettes to the group.

  • Endeavoring to participate whenever I can in sharing thoughts or by asking questions.

  • Not monopolizing the study in talking too much.

  • Giving loyal support to the leader and encouragement to others.

  • Being ready, with grace and humility, to agree to differ from others.

  • Never discussing adversely the leader or other members of the group in their absence.