Monday, November 16, 2009

Fighting self-centeredness and pride

I was reminded yesterday how easy it is for us to be consumed with ourselves. Pride is such a subtle thing, that we often don't notice it until we are affected by it.

But, there is a way to weaken the indwelling pride in our lives. Actually, I think there are many ways, but I will mention two here (it is very likely that I have heard these elsewhere, but I don't know who to give credit to - so these are unoriginal to me, but very helpful).
  1. Be filled with gratitude and express it. It is hard to be prideful when you realize that you are in the debt of many people. I find that expressing gratitude to others shows me (1) that God is at work in others' lives, and (2) He desires to work in my life to reflect Christ.

  2. Attempt to look at what you would be without Christ. Not a pretty picture. Self-centeredness is such a downward spiral that eventually pushes every one away, turns inward, and destroys. Thank God that He has rescued us from ourselves!
Both of these things quickly blaze a trail to the cross, where I am grateful and reflective, not desiring to boast in anything except Christ, my God!