Monday, May 2, 2011

From Proverbs 2

Here are a few thoughts/observations from Proverbs 2.

  1. As with many things in our Christian life, wisdom can be approached as both a gift and a task. This is clear from the first four verses. In vs 1-2, wisdom is something that is received and stored up. In vs 3-4 wisdom is something we should pursue with all of our strength.
  2. We are told to 'treasure the commandments' in vs 1. The meaning of treasure in this context is to store something up for its usefulness in the future. What would it look like in our lives if we treasured the instruction God has given to us? It would probably mean a lot more memorizing, reflecting, and meditating on it.
  3. The first part of this proverb seems to indicate that allegiance/loyalty to God precedes understanding, not the other way around. (4-5)
  4. Wisdom is not merely connected to facts, but also is strongly connected to morality as well. (9-15)
  5. Proverbs seems to speak not only to decisions, but also to their results. They are inseparable.