Wednesday, May 4, 2011

From Proverbs 4

A few thoughts from Proverbs 4...

  1. It is hard NOT to notice the generational impact described in vss 1 and 3. One commentator portrayed this as 'grandpa's lecture.'
  2. I read this quote in Waltke's book on Proverbs, "Parental authority is a channel for communication of God's will." While sometimes we think of parental authority and God's authority as separate things, they are not necessarily mutually exclusive.
  3. Proverbs encourages us to 'get' or to 'buy' wisdom (vs 5). By understanding this, it is clear there is a cost to getting wisdom. However, the reward/benefit far outweighs the cost involved.
  4. Verse 15 reminds me that we should not just merely seek to avoid sin. Rather it is wise to plan NOT to sin. In other words, it would be good for our lives to foresee potential temptations or struggles, and plan in advance how we might be dependent on God and obedient and faithful.
  5. I appreciate Proverbs 4 because it makes things so concrete. It speaks of eyes, hears, feet, etc. Most importantly, it speaks of the heart as the director of all these things.