Monday, May 16, 2011

Proverbs 16

  1. In no uncertain terms, this chapter in Proverbs demonstrates that we are too often bent on getting our own way. We have ways that are 'pure in our eyes,' and ways that 'seem right' (16:2, 25). But both of theses verses remind us of two important things (a) the way of our choosing may result in death, and (b) that God tests our motives and intentions.
  2. Verse 17 speaks of "guarding our way." At some point in time, I heard someone give this wise advice for those who struggle and wrestle with sin, "Sometimes you must plan NOT to sin."
  3. Verse 24 reminds me of the powerful effect that positive words can have on others. Although Proverbs speaks so much of negative speech, I wonder how many opportunities we miss to build others up with our affirming speech.
  4. I cannot read too far in this chapter without being reminded of the total sovereignty of God (i.e. 1,3-4,9,33). And yet, God is not a distant sovereign, but One who is involved in every day issues of life.