Monday, May 9, 2011

From Proverbs 9

Proverbs 9
  1. The imagery distinguishes two banquets. One prepared by 'Lady Wisdom,' and the other prepared by 'Woman Folly.' I think by using the banquet analogy, we are helpfully drawn into the discussion.
  2. The picture of the house that is well built by wisdom (9:1) certainly gives insight to the work done by wisdom. Wisdom seems to have an industrious quality about it.
  3. Concerning verse 10 Waltke says "The wise who deserve to sit at Wisdom's table, begin their educability with their submission to the highest Authority, the Lord." (9:10)
  4. When encountering God, the appropriate response is fear, as well as trust for those who are rightly related to Him. Both fear and trust then lead to a willingness to follow and obey what He says.
  5. Foolishness is pictured in so many negative ways. Not only is the "Woman Folly" loud and ignorant (13), but she is pompous and brash (14). There is no desire for her to leave her foolishness or ignorance.