Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Proverbs 3

A few thoughts from Proverbs 3.

  1. We need to read Scripture in full rather than in isolation. If we were to only read vs 8 and vs 10, we could easily conclude that the gospel of God is only health and wealth. Yet, a reading of vss 11-12 remind us that God also disciplines and reproves.
  2. Bruce Waltke describes those who are blessed (13) as the ones who are "living life as the Creator intended."
  3. While most of the verses from 13-35 have the short-term or long-term future in view, that future depends on our current relationship with God. (W. Janzen)
  4. Verses 14-15 remind us that there are things that accomplish more than money. Money has its limitations, and yet because of its attraction we often believe the lie that just a little more money will make a better life.
  5. In Proverbs, wisdom seems to be often taken back to the creation of the world (19). I believe that God is encouraging us to take a good look at the Garden of Eden before the sin of Adam and Eve. "THAT is what I desire for men and women," God seems to be reminding us. I am grateful that we can live in light of the Paradise that will one day be restored according to Revelation 21-22. Eternity (future) will be life as God always intended for His creation.