Monday, May 9, 2011

Some more thoughts on Prov 9

These are some words that Goodwin Cobb shared with me and our Facebook group.

The Ultimate Encounter: Wisdom or Folly Wisdom is the ability to see life from God's perspective and then to know the best course of action to take; the ability to make good use of knowledge; to recognize right from wrong.
When we read Proverbs, we will encounter over and over the cognate word for “folly” or “simple.” This particular word for “folly ”occurs nineteen times in the whole Bible and fifteen of them occur in Proverbs. We come to see that it is a major word for understanding Proverbs.
We hear two women call out. One woman is called “Wisdom.” (This is the wisdom of God that created the universe). The other woman is called “Folly.” The calls of these two persons are both calls for our maturity in whatever way we may be immature.
No matter how old we are, becoming a mature person in its truest sense is a topic that applies to us. In that sense then, what is written in the text should have something to do with every single one of us.