Monday, June 2, 2008

Anybody missing their pet bird? We found her!

So, my wife and son are in the back yard and what do they find, but a peahen! (I would say 'peacock,' but that is not accurate! It is a female peacock, therefore it is a peahen! You did not know I knew that much about such fowl, did you?) Note the picture. I am not making this stuff up!

So, did anybody out there lose their bird? Can we get a reward for returning her to her rightful owner? And, what do I do about Canaan, who is not really eager to play in the back yard now that he realizes he has to share the back yard with an oversized fowl?

One more observation. Canaan has a poster on the refrigerator that lists common North American birds . He improvised a drawing of a peahen to add to the poster, as it did not have a picture of this bird. By the way, he drew the peahen with a blue marker. Can you tell which is the 'addition'?