Thursday, June 12, 2008

God gives grace in many ways

The New Testament writers talk about God's grace being something that does not come in one form, but may take shape in a lot of ways in our lives.
  • It has come in the form of SCRIPTURE. I posted on this the other day, but my heart has been refreshed lately by hearing from God in his word.

  • It has come in the form of a couple of BOOKS I am reading. They have pointed out to me a need to fight for joy in the Christian life, and have given me instruction into the greater plan of God for this world.

  • It came in the form of an EMAIL reminding me that God is bigger than anything, and that I should have radical joy in Him.

  • It came in the form of an 'accidental' CONVERSATION with someone who's flight got canceled, so he had availability for lunch. In that lunch I felt that God was stirring my heart for a message OBC needs to hear.

  • It has come in the form of a PODCAST I listened to reminding me that one way I can serve OBC well is to pay attention to 1 Timothy 4:16.

  • It has come in the form of a TEXT message I received who reminded me of Psalm 139 in which the Psalmist asks God to search him.
So, that is my short list of ways God's "streams of mercy" have been "never ceasing" in my life lately. I think that does call for a "song of loudest praise."