Friday, June 27, 2008

Isaiah, Bible reading, and confessions from an imperfect pastor...

The confessions...
  1. I sometimes 'get behind' in my Bible reading and have to catch up. I think it is good to have a plan for this very reason. There is nothing inherently godly about a plan, however, it can be used to remind us that God's word demands that we intentionally spend time in it.

  2. The book of Isaiah has often intimidated me. It is some tough stuff, and I often get buried by it. However, there is some AMAZING stuff in it. I can't think of any OT book (maybe any book of the Bible) that articulates the gospel as well as the book of Isaiah does.
So, since I was 'behind' I had to read Isaiah 54-59 today.

A few thoughts...
  • 54:10 - Even if the mountains are removed, God's compassion for his people will never be removed!
  • 55:2 - I often go after much that doesn't satisfy. There's a good, biblical word for this: idolatry.
  • 55:8-9 - I often think of these verses out of their normal context. Check it out. You might too.
  • 56:3-7 - God has the nations in mind. An understanding of the love of God = an understanding of His heart for the nations.
  • 56:5 - Having a 'name that is better than sons or daughters' reminds me a lot of the message of Hebrews.
  • 57:15 - God has always honored humility. ALWAYS.
  • 58:1-3 - Just because we observe religious practices or talk about desiring to know God's will, it doesn't mean that our heart is really in tune with God. Read this chapter, but know you will be convicted in reading, and probably need to repent. I needed to!
  • 59:1-2 - Our sins impact our relationship with God.
  • 59:16 - God has made provisions for these aforementioned (you like that word, do you?) sins. We have 1 rescuer. 1 hope. And that is our savior, JESUS.
Pardon me for being a little fired up about my Bible reading, today! I am humbled, challenged and excited. All at the same time!