Friday, June 27, 2008

VBS, Day 5

Well, VBS '08 is in the books. The decorations are down, and the halls will be mostly quiet next week. I will miss the kids and adults around. It was a good time. Actually, make that a GREAT time.

Sometimes it seems hard to measure what you accomplished. We can count the number of kids who came, but we have no idea of the impact it made in their lives. We can count the number of workers who helped, but we can't quantify their service and hours of love. We can look out into a sanctuary packed full of kids and family members, and we can pray that God used the week for His glory.

But, still I wanted to share some success stories from tonight.
  • A lady who doesn't regularly attend OBC handed me a 'donation' for our church in humble gratitude for our ministry to her children. Her children loved VBS!

  • Another lady shared with me that her neighbors are members of OBC. They are in their seventies, but have become 'adopted' grandparents to her children. This 'senior' couple invited the kids to Vacation Bible School. The kids came, had an incredible time, and plan on coming this Sunday!

  • Three of the ladies in our church had a yard sale last weekend. While setting up for the sale, a neighbor walked by with her child, and the ladies invited her child to VBS. The lady not only brought her kid, but also ended up serving snacks at VBS (I know because I had some lemonade and cookies from her!).
I am sure there are other stories that we will continue to hear, but each of those reminded me that God is at work all the time. Pretty amazing stuff!

I mentioned tonight at Family Night that it is humbling and encouraging to see so many people use their time, gifts, and love for Jesus!