Thursday, June 26, 2008

What's your 'outlook' look like

As I was looking at the sidebar for Microsoft Outlook, I noticed a couple of tabs. They were: MAIL, CALENDAR, CONTACTS, and TASKS.

It's amazing how much those things say about what is important to us, isn't it?
  • MAIL - How are you communicating? Who are you communicating with? What are you saying?
  • CALENDAR - How do you spend your day? How are your priorities reflected by your day?
  • CONTACTS - Who do you know? How well do you know them? What level of contact do you have with them: email address, work phone, mobile phone, IM address?
  • TASKS - What do you need to do today? What is important? Who do you need to call? What stuff is important?
These questions say a lot about what's important to us.