Thursday, November 1, 2007

Connections in Newark

Recently, I went to this conference in Washington, DC. I was reminded there of something I have been burdened about since I have moved to Delaware. And that is the need for "friends" who are partners in the gospel.

I have been encouraged by 2 specific initiatives: Together for the Gospel, and The Gospel Coalition. Both of these groups/organizations have men whom I respect greatly working side by side for the Church.

Specifically here, I have been blessed to meet and spend time Rick Beno and Jon Boulet from Hockessin Baptist and Jay Harvey from Evangelical Presbyterian. These men are pastors working in their churches for the same thing OBC is: for God to work in our area bringing people to a recognition and response to His Word. It is great to be able to call them friends and I hope our friendship can result in God's Word growing and bearing fruit in the Newark area, not just at Ogletown!